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Dear fellow trade union colleagues at ZNP – The Polish Teachers' Union

We in the Nordic trade union movement stand in solidarity with your demands of better salaries for teachers and other school employees in Poland. We in the trade union movement have for over a century fought for better wages and working conditions, as well as democratic influence. As the voice of their members, trade unions are the legitimate counterpart in social dialogue and collective bargaining and our struggle to bring a better life for our members is equally as legitimate.

Furthermore, teachers and school employees have a very important role in education and democratic upbringing of our future generations. Therefore this struggle is even more important.

We are all part of a larger European trade union movement. Our movement knows no boundaries and your cause is ours. We hope that these few lines of solidarity will help keep your spirits up in your struggle.

In solidarity,

On behalf of the Executive Committee of NFS – Council of Nordic Trade Unions

Sonja Yr Thorbergsdottir

Magnus Gissler,
General Secretary

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