Nordisk Facklig Kongress uttalar stöd för Dawit Isaak

Loa Brynjulfsdottir, NFS generalsekreterare, på Nordisk Facklig Kongress Loa Brynjulfsdottir, NFS generalsekreterare, på Nordisk Facklig Kongress

Idag, den 19 september 2012, på kongressens sista dag, antog de nordiska fackliga ledarna ett uttalande på Nordisk Facklig Kongress, till stöd för den fängslade svenska journalisten Dawit Isaak.


"The Swedish journalist Dawit Isaak has been imprisoned in Eritrea for nearly eleven years, since September 23, 2001. Dawit Isaak has been held all these years without trial, despite the fact that Eritrean law forbids detention of a prisoner without charges for more than 30 days.


Freedom of expression is an inalienable part ot Human Rights and the possibility for journalists, all over the world, to conduct their professional tasks without fear for their personal security, is a key factor to uphold it.


The Council of Nordic Trade Unions (NFS) urges Issayas Afewerki, President of Eritrea, to order the immediate release of Dawit Isaak, who has been jailed simply for exercising his right to freedom  of expression.


We also appeal to Mr Afewerki to release Dawit Isaak on humanitarian grounds. Dawit Isaak's health is precarious, and we urge the Eritrean government to let him go home to Sweden to rejoin with his family and to receive medical treatment."





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